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It's All About Health And Sports.
We share the same experiences that you do at the gym, on the trail or in the comfort of your own home. These experiences push us to make the best gear possible for our worldwide family of folks looking to improve their health one day at a time.
What began with a simple glove and a jump rope has now grown into a innovative family business built with the help of families all around the world . ZIFTEX is a company that's not just for experienced athletes and fitness gurus, but one that stands for the spirit of the sports we live, their values and goals, past, present and future. Since 2018, our innovative gear designs have set the standard in numerous areas. This is partly the result of dedication, desire and diligence on the part of an incredible team of people, a family.
We're a company of doers. It's who we are. We think about every single aspect of every product we produce and present to our families around the world. Because of this, the creation of ZIFTEX is a process that will never end. The company today is more committed than ever, thanks to the many people here in the U.S.A whose limitless energy and hands-on involvement have created a promising future for all those who strive for greatness, one day at a time.

We are ready to help you to get fitness!

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