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    : Designed for joint protection and injury prevention; Our heavy duty

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    wrist support straps help you take your lifting to the next level; Hard wearing yet built for comfort weight lifting straps are essential gym accessories
  • 2-ONE SIZE FITS ALL WRISTS: Ideal for men and women and suitable for all wrist sizes. Perfect for multiple sports; Bench press, kettlebell weights, pull-ups, deadlifts, weightlifting
  • 3-WRIST WRAP FOR MAXIMUM SUPPORT: Our professional quality wrist straps for weight lifting made from a high-quality material for comfort and durability; Heavy-duty padding, and adjustable straps for perfect fit and strength
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    class=”a-list-item”>4-LIFTING STRAPS FOR POWER WORKOUT: Stainless steel lining for a safe and tight hand grip; Non-slip to reduce friction on your palms and prevent blisters and tears; Alternative to weight lifting gloves with

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  • 5-QUALITY AND EASY CARE: Woven from virtually indestructible nylon, soft on the palm side and rough on the outside; Machine washable for freshness and to last a lifetime
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To achieve super results of your workout, you will undoubtedly need the assist of lifting

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strap. Ziftex wrist straps for weight lifting are your new secret weapon which can maximize your gains while minimizing the risk of injury.

Fully adjustable wrist straps offer a comfortable snug fit and support your wrists, giving you premier comfort and stability. Ziftex weightlifting straps are perfect for men and women and designed to fit all sizes.

Industrial grade extra thick nylon strap reduces stress, wear, and tear. Our lifting straps will not break even at extreme heavyweights. Thick neoprene cushion padding takes the pressure off your forearms and provides the maximum level of relief without comprising on support.


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premium rust-free stainless steel inside of lifting strap will hold onto the weights of kettlebell weights and pull up bars to reduce hand fatigue. Hands are less likely to get tired, which enables more rep range and better hand grip.

Ziftex weightlifting straps are suitable for all but the most extreme workouts such as barbells, kettlebells, bumper plates, chin ups, pull ups, shoulder shrugs, bench press, rows, lat pulldowns, squats, and deadlifts.
Beginners and professionals alike will love our adjustable, and padded hand wraps as they are easy to use and tough enough for the most demanding workout and strength conditioning.

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